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Phatt With Deana – Product Review – Digestive Enzyme

Blog Phatt Product Review - Digestive Enzyme Phatt With Deana - Product Review - Digestive Enzyme. This amazing product is part of our core range and as our bodies get older it gets harder for us to digest our foods. This amazing product helps to break down our foods and deliver the nutrients our body needs to our cells and give us more energy. A must have even if not on Phatt and absolutely a product I continue to take even now after loosing my 30kg, I dont go anywhere without this [...]

Phatt – Beef & Egg Breakfast – Yummy

Blog Variety For Breakfast - Beef & Egg Phatt Breakfast - Beef & Egg - Yummy As we know we always have our protein for Breakfast. I have been doing this myself for over 2 years and most favourite hot breakfast is Beef & Egg. A simple piece of sizzle steak and a yummy fried egg.  Nothing better, quick and easy even if your running late. And remember, No Oil for cooking, just a simple non stick pan.

Phatt – Real Results From Real People

Blog Clients Real Results From Real People Just a little video - real results Phatt is an amazing program with so many thousands doing great on there journey to weight loss. See this little video of some of our successes and see more in the website under testimonials under My Story Tab.  I love helping and seeing everyone succeed on this journey.

The Realisation That Your Pants Dont Fit Any More Thanks To Ph@tt

Blog The Amazing Realisation That My Pants Dont Fit Anymore WHATS THIS! ONE ROUND OF PH@TT AND MY PANTS DONT FIT - WOO HOO AFTER 1 ROUND On Ph@tt - Putting Health At The Top - I soon found out that my pants dont fit any longer. What an amazing, awesome discovery for me.  It becomes so clear when you start pulling out clothes that you hadnt worn in a while to realise that you have lost so much weight that you now need to buy some new clothes. What a terrible [...]

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