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The Realisation That Your Pants Dont Fit Any More Thanks To Ph@tt

Blog The Amazing Realisation That My Pants Dont Fit Anymore WHATS THIS! ONE ROUND OF PH@TT AND MY PANTS DONT FIT - WOO HOO AFTER 1 ROUND On Ph@tt - Putting Health At The Top - I soon found out that my pants dont fit any longer. What an amazing, awesome discovery for me.  It becomes so clear when you start pulling out clothes that you hadnt worn in a while to realise that you have lost so much weight that you now need to buy some new clothes. What a terrible [...]

Phatt Chicken Replaces Bread

Blog My Homemade Phatt Chicken Patties Replace Bread Phatt Chicken Breakfast Replaces Bread With so many options to choose from, perhaps thats that problem, to many choices.  Phatt Chicken Has become a must in our household. Whilst doing the Ph@tt program and eating my homemade Phatt Chicken Patties I found that slowly but surely when it comes to breakfast in our household when I ask what do you want for Breakfast the answer will come back Chicken or Chicken patties please. Crazy isnt it with so many options as shown in my [...]

Gut Health 7 Ways to help

Blog Gut Health & Ways to Help You Studies have proven gut health is a must for so many illnesses now. How well your gut functions can have a dramatic impact on how your body copes with a multitude of health issues.  Ways to help heal your gut can be simple and to start you off i have listed a few here. 1. Lower your stress levels Chronic high levels of stress are hard on your whole body, including your gut. Some ways to lower your stress may include meditation, walking, getting [...]

Scotch Eggs A Favourite

Blog Scotch Eggs A Must At Any Stage On Our Program You can enjoy the most delicious and tasty of foods if you choose to put in the effort.  Simply make u a batch of chicken mince, you can use Turkey, Beef what ever takes your fancy. Add some spices anything that takes your fancy, salt, pepper, garlic, corriander etc., You can buy chicken mince already made up, or as I do in this video I like to make my own up.  See my video here and enjoy making your own version [...]

Home Cleaning Non Toxic

Blog Home Cleaning Non Toxic At Phatt With Deana we can also offer you a huge range of household products.Our mission is to improve the quality of peoples lives by offering alternative products that minimise their exposure to potentially harmful ingredients.  The global Modere Healthy Homes initiative is focused on improving the planet, one person at a time, one household at a time and one family at a time.Check in with me for more details on our amazing Laundry Powder, Fabric Softener, Dish Washing Liquids, Dishwasher Powder and our absolute favourite Multi purpose [...]

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